Connie for Prosecutor

Meet Connie Pillich

Connie Pillich grew up in a steel town on Lake Erie. After college, Connie served eight years in the Air Force, rising to the rank of Captain and earning her MBA along the way. Connie had top secret security clearance and was awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal three times.

Connie Pillich U.S. Air Force

After her honorable discharge and starting her family, Connie attended law school at the University of Cincinnati. She began practicing law while also raising her two children with her husband, Paul Forshey. As an attorney, Connie served as a public defender, fought off predatory lenders, and stood up to criminals who preyed on the poor and defenseless.

In 2008, Connie was elected State Representative. Connie, a Democrat, won a seat that had been in Republican hands for 38 of the previous 40 years. Connie served for six years in the state legislature where she fought to keep children healthy and safe, serve our veterans, protect our seniors, fund our schools, root out government corruption, and keep our streets safe. As vice chair of the House Committee on Criminal Justice, Connie supported a bill that ultimately permitted DNA evidence to exonerate individuals who had been wrongly convicted of violent offenses.

Connie Pillich

Connie is running to be Hamilton County’s next prosecutor because she is fully committed to justice. She knows we need a change. While the incumbent uses her office to further the out of touch politics of the Republican Party and give jobs to her political cronies, Hamilton County has become less safe.

Connie has a plan to clean up the office while keeping our communities safe. She will work collaboratively with law enforcement, hold bad apples accountable, and protect all of our families. As our next prosecutor, Connie will professionalize the office and finally get serious on stopping gun violence. She will work to get illegal guns off our streets, crack down on domestic abusers, and implement data-driven approaches to tackle the opioid crisis and get fentanyl off our streets.