Connie Pillich

Service before Self.
People over Partisanship.
Justice not politics.

Meet Connie

Connie has a plan to clean up the office while keeping our communities safe.

Connie is running to be Hamilton County’s next prosecutor because she is fully committed to justice. She knows we need a change. While the incumbent uses her office to further the out of touch politics of the Republican Party and give jobs to her political cronies, Hamilton County has become less safe.

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Connie Pillich
Connie's Priorities
Get illegal guns off our streets
Protect victims of domestic violence
Tackle the opioid crisis
Protect witnesses
Professionalize the office
"As a lawyer and public defender, I understand how the legal system can help people and how it can hurt them.

I’ve helped drug addicts get into treatment, gotten illegal evidence thrown out, and protected victims of predatory lending caught up in the foreclosure crisis."
Connie Pillich
A proven record

As a State Representative, Connie fought to keep children healthy and safe, serve our veterans, protect our seniors, fund our schools, root out government corruption, and keep our streets safe.

Protected funding for children’s services
Introduced the Equal Pay Act and Whistleblower protections
Stood up to protect Planned Parenthood
Leveraged over $23 million to clean up polluted industrial sites across the county