Women’s Health

When Connie got out of the Air Force and settled in Cincinnati, she didn’t have a doctor.  So she went to Planned Parenthood.  And when she got pregnant with her first child, she went to Planned Parenthood for her pregnancy test.  While she was pregnant, Connie volunteered at Planned Parenthood to make sure women had affordable healthcare.

As governor, Connie will end the attacks on Planned Parenthood.  She will reinstate competitive bidding, so that Planned Parenthood can fairly compete for state contracts to deliver healthcare.

Connie will make sure that insurance companies never again are able to charge women more money for plans than men and will do her part to make sure that in Ohio, all insurance plans give women access to birth control — regardless of what the Trump Administration does.

Connie also knows that women’s health is about more than just access to a doctor. When women earn higher wages, they live healthier lives. That’s why Connie supports raising the minimum wage and making sure in Ohio, women get paid an equal wage for equal work.