In large portions of our state, people are hurting. Ohio’s manufacturing backbone has broken and jobs have drifted out of state and overseas.

Connie has a vision for Ohio that will expand opportunity, raise wages, rebuild the middle class, and transition our state into a 21st century economy.

Connie’s 5 Point Jobs Plan:

  1. Education – we need an educated workforce in order to compete with the rest of the country and the world. That’s why Connie has an Education Stimulus Plan to make Ohio’s schools the best in the nation, make critical investments in workforce training, and stop the “brain drain” of talent from Ohio to other states.
  2. Infrastructure – Build a world-class infrastructure here in Ohio to provide the foundation to grow our economy. That doesn’t mean just roads and bridges, but also high-speed Internet access throughout the state.
  3. Foster Ohio’s Startup Culture – including investing in Ohio’s Third Frontier program – to give new companies the support they need to grow. Connie plans to create regional liaisons to serve as one-stop shops to help Ohio’s startups get the regulatory and capital support they need.
  4. Help Medium Size Businesses Grow – Connie will remove barriers to capital for medium-sized businesses to expand in our state. By growing companies with already proven business models, we can rapidly strengthen our economy and create news jobs all around the state.
  5. Grow the Jobs of the 21st Century – build on Ohio’s rich manufacturing backbone by transforming our idle factories and unused manufacturing capacity to bring in the jobs of the 21st century. Make Ohio THE place to be for advanced manufacturing industries like 3D printing and renewable energy. Simultaneously, we need to speak out against unfair trade deals and develop targeted tax credits to encourage businesses to move back to America and open up shop in Ohio.

Connie knows that we need to grow good wages along with new jobs. That’s why Connie supports raising the minimum wage and supports the rights of workers to organize and to collectively bargain.