“I believe that health care is a right, not a privilege. Ohioans deserve bold leadership that protects patients – not insurance company profits.”

– Connie Pillich

We need healthy communities in order to have a healthy workforce. Making health care accessible and affordable to every Ohio family means we’re committed to creating jobs and saving lives.

Insurance companies are leaving the exchanges across Ohio and many rural counties throughout the state will have no insurance plans being sold in their respective marketplaces. Rather than solve the problem, extreme politicians in Washington D.C. and Columbus are scheming to strip health care from millions of families.

Connie plans to:

  • Protect and support the Medicaid expansion at every turn, because it’s provided healthcare to hundreds of thousands of Ohioans healthcare and has already saved lives.
  • Create a public option in Ohio – opening up Medicaid and the state lawmakers’ health insurance plan to be sold on the insurance exchange – at no cost to taxpayers. Connie believes that if it’s good enough for the politicians, it’s good enough for the people. Connie’s Public Option would insure that in every single county, Ohioans have two affordable healthcare options to get the care they need.

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