Energy & the Environment

Connie knows that by investing in a renewable energy economy, we can protect our air and water and create jobs all across Ohio.

That’s why, when Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord, Connie announced that, when she’s governor, Ohio would join the US Climate Alliance – a coalition of states committed to doing our part to adhere to the accord.

In order to create a new energy economy that creates jobs and improves the health of Ohioans, Connie is committed to:

  • Develop tax credits to help renewable energy industries expand operations across Ohio, creating good paying long-term jobs across the state.
  • Roll back the Republican-passed unnecessary and politically motivated regulations on the renewable energy industry that hamper job creation.
  • Connie grew up in the shadow a steel mill by Lake Erie and she vividly remembers the lake turning orange during her childhood. That’s why Connie will conserve the Great Lakes and Ohio watersheds to keep our drinking water safe, preserve fishing for sportspeople, and protect tourism and shipping-related jobs.