Over the last seven years, Ohio’s schools have fallen from 5th in the nation to 22nd – as Columbus politicians have voted to outsource our schools to for-profit corporations instead of working to improve our education system.

That’s why Connie proposes an Education Stimulus Package – to make Ohio classrooms the best in the nation and a catalyst for future job growth. Connie’s plan will:

  • Provide universal Pre-K for all Ohioans – because studies show that early education is the number one factor of future academic success.
  • Fairly and equitably fund all K-12 districts, while ensuring local control – because all students deserve opportunity, regardless of their zip code.
  • Support STEM schools and programs like “coding in the classroom” to strengthen math and science skills and prepare students for a new age economy.
  • Encourage balanced K-12 curriculums including funding for arts, music, and outlets for creative expression in the classroom.
  • Ensure charter schools are delivering results on par with traditional public schools and crack down on charters that outsource our public education to giant corporations.
  • Partner with community colleges to strengthen job and vocational training and give targeted tax credits to businesses that hire skilled apprentices.
  • Create a Debt-Free-College program for all middle class Ohioans who attend an Ohio university and commit to staying in Ohio for ten years after graduation.

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