Connie Pillich Names Marion Mayor Scott Schertzer as Running Mate

Marion, Ohio – Today, Connie Pillich announced Marion Mayor and Ohio Municipal League President Scott Schertzer as her Lieutenant Governor selection in the Democratic Primary.

“After completing my 88 County Tour and visiting every single county of our state, I witnessed first-hand too many communities that have been forgotten by Columbus and Washington DC politicians,” said Connie Pillich. “I knew I needed a local leader to join me in making Ohio a place that works for everyone. Scott Schertzer had to make hard choices and tough calls during the depths of the recession, compounded by a state government that actively took away tools from local public safety and first responders. Scott has experience making tough decisions under pressure and that’s exactly the type of leadership Ohio needs.”

Schertzer was a public school teacher for thirteen years before serving fulltime as Marion’s mayor.

“Ohio is in need of bold leadership and smart solutions to get our state back on track,” said Scott Schertzer. “Connie Pillich has the vision and leadership our state needs and that’s why I’m proud to join her ticket as Ohio’s next Lieutenant Governor. Ohio needs an energetic and enthusiastic team who will fight for a fair funding formula for our schools, reverse the attacks on local public safety and first responders, and who can beat Mike DeWine and John Husted in November.”

Both Pillich and Schertzer have a track record of winning in red areas of the state. Pillich held a Republican-leaning State House Districts in the suburbs of Cincinnati, while Schertzer has been Marion’s first Democratic mayor in decades – winning in a rural community where Republicans hold a double digital party registration advantage.

Additionally, both Pillich and Schertzer had careers in public service before entering elected office. Pillich served as a Captain in the US Air Force while Schertzer served as a public school teacher.

Before his time in the classroom, Schertzer worked in the Ohio Secretary of State’s office under Sherrod Brown and in the Ohio Treasurer’s office under Mary Ellen Withrow.

Pillich added: “I received the best leadership training the world as an officer in the US Air Force, so I know something about leadership. Scott has served on the front lines of our communities, first as a teacher and then as a Mayor, where he has fought to create jobs and he’s battled the opioid crisis Columbus has turned its back on. Together, we’re ready to lead Ohio in a new direction.”

Scott lives with his wife Ann and their two daughters, Sydney and Olivia.

“I am proud to be working to make sure Connie Pillich is Ohio’s first elected female governor, to let my daughters know that in Ohio, they can do anything and be anything that they set their minds to,” Schertzer stated.