DAILY SENTINEL: Pillich Completes 88 County Tour


(Article written by Erin Perkins for the Daily Sentinel)

POMEROY — Ohio Democratic gubernatorial candidate Connie Pillich visited with Meigs County residents Thursday at the Wild Horse Cafe to explain her plans for improving Ohio if she is elected in the 2018 election.

“Ohio needs to lead again,” said Pillich. “I am a tireless worker and I am going to be a tireless advocate.”

Meigs County was the last stop on Pillich’s 88-county tour of Ohio. Pillich explained to her guests that she wants to be a governor of every county. She shared that she decided to embark on the tour because the counties of Ohio belong to all of the residents and she wants to know all of her voters. Pillich said that after a holiday break her and staff will be hitting the road once again to go and speak with voters.

“It has been uplifting and rewarding,” said Pillich. “It’s a nice Christmas present to me.”

Pillich, a former member of the Ohio House of Representatives representing the 28th district in in 2009, graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in law before opening her own law firm named Webb and Pillich, LLC. She also served as a U.S. Air Force captain during Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield as well as serving in Berlin, Germany. She has a masters in business administration. Pillich claims to have put herself through school utilizing the ROTC scholarship program, student loans, and part-time work.

Pillich expressed that she will be bringing 15 years of executive experience with her if she takes office. She shared she has a mission forward approach in her affairs that she received from her time serving in the military. Pillich said that her number priority in Ohio will be to bring jobs to the market. She expressed that she would assemble her cabinet on day one in the office and work towards making good paying jobs available to Ohioans. Pillich insisted that education is a crucial basis which she will be focusing on in conjunction with the job market.

Pillich said she would work on improving Ohio’s buildings, roads, and power supplies. Also, she would encourage Ohio residents to support small business owners who are just beginning and who have been in business for years in order to boost Ohio’s economy.

“I know how to plan and I know how to get things done,” said Pillich.

Pillich expressed she will work with everyone to get her mission for Ohio accomplished.

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