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It’s undisputed that one way to improve the lives of women and their families is to ensure that they receive the same pay as men in the same jobs – and yet Macy’s is actively lobbying to block equal pay for equal work.

Together with the entire delegation of Democratic women in the Ohio Legislature, I’m delivering a letter to Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren demanding a change in, and an apology for, his company’s advocacy for wage discrimination against women.

By working together we can make our voices heard and ensure women are paid fairly and equally.

Sign our letter today and then ask others to do the same by sharing this link via email and social media.

Read our letter to Macy's CEO Terry Lundgren:

Dear Mr. Lundgren,

It is with overwhelming disappointment that we learned that Macy’s has actively advocated for pay discrimination against women. 

As legislators in the state where Macy’s is headquartered, we strive daily to improve the lives of our constituents.  One way to improve the lives of women and their families is to ensure that they receive the same pay as men in the same jobs.  Your actions in Texas to remove a pathway to justice for women who are victims of wage discrimination and wage theft show a callous disregard not only for your employees, but also your customers.

This is particularly alarming given the plethora of women employees in your corporation and the fact that women are your main customers.  We legislators have all frequented your stores for professional attire and items for our families and homes.  Indeed, women are responsible for 85% of all consumer purchases, including 94% of home furnishings.  Women spend more on professional and casual attire, make up, shoes, and products for the home than men.  We cannot understand why you would want to alienate the hands that feed you.

The current wage gap between genders in a developed country such as ours is absolutely unacceptable.  The Texas Equal Pay Bill would have allowed workers to file wage discrimination suits in Texas state courts, a matter which now can only be addressed in federal court.  It would have also alleviated workers of the 180 day statute of limitations to file a claim.  Furthermore, it would have given the women of Texas a louder voice in the continued struggle for equality.

But you chose to stifle that voice.  How hypocritical that you advertise to young women, women in the workforce, and mothers -- yet would take actions to reduce their income.  If you are insensitive to the difficulties of being a woman in today’s workforce, consider the fact that 70% of your consumer base brings home $0.77 to every $1.00 of their male counterparts.

The fact that your business, as well as others, privately encouraged a gubernatorial veto and inserted yourselves into the legislative process without the knowledge of the public is utterly shameful. 

As professional women leaders in this state, we believe that irreparable harm may be done to what had been Macy’s wonderful reputation as a corporate partner in our society.  We urge Macy’s to reverse its position of wage discrimination.

In addition, we urge Macy’s to publicly apologize for this offense to women, and to boldly and publicly advocate for wage fairness and pay equity in all of its corporate offices and stores, as well as in every facet of American business.

Until a public apology or reduction of your stance to retain wage discrimination in any way it is being furthered is made, we will no longer be spending our hard earned pay at Macy’s.  We cannot respect a place which does not value the legislative process or equality.

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